Rule #2~ Never Lose Sight Of Your Dreams

"Dream The Impossible and Show The World How It Is Indeed Possible!" By Ceo CoCoBlaze

If I Was To Legit Count All The Times I Heard That My Dreams Are Impossible To Reach, That I Do Not Have What It Takes To Have My Own Brand, No, No and You Don't Have Enough Experience In This Career Field, I Would Be In Tears Sobbing Instead Of Smiling Ear To Ear Knowing That Giving Up Was Not And Will Never Be An Option.

Here At House Of CoCo'$ Flave, We Believe That Every Babe Must Chase Her Dreams. To Be A Showstopper You Have To Be Aware Of Who You Are And What Make You Original.  We All Have Our Moments When It Seems Like Life Is In The Way And All We Can Do Is Hope, And Dream, And Pray.
 Trust Me Babe I Did A Lot Of Praying Not Only For Success But For Peace In My Mind So My Negative Thoughts Won't Out Way My Positive Thoughts. Staying Motivated Is Super Hard At Times When You Are An Adult And Have So Much On Your Plate. But Like We Always Hear Celebrities Say  That They Have The Same 24 Hours As You Do, You Just Have To Take At Least 1 hour Out Of The Day And Use That Time Working Towards Your Goals!!

I Can Not Stress On How Important It Is To Be Aware Of Yourself. We Are All Blessed With Talents. You Are Truly Amazing But You Are Drained. Exhausted From Work, School, And Life In General. You Have To Change Your Mindset Babe.

Manifestation, Motivation, And Patience Are Major Key Points To Getting Closer To Your Goals.

Be Organized, Be Courageous, But Most Of All BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!


You Are Going To Hear Nos And A lot Of Disbelief From Others No Matter How Close You Are Or How Far You Are To Reach Your Major Goal.

You MUST Always Keep In Mind A Flower Doesn't Grow Overnight, And A Diamond Is Made Under Pressure.

Take That Exhaustion And Turn It Into Sweat And Tears Towards Your Goals. 1 Hour A Day Can Make Such A Huge Difference.

If You Need Help With Organization Start Using Your Calendar Or Make A To-Do List Every Night Before You Go To Bed. If You Need Help With Finding Time Take The Time Either Before Work Or Before You Go To Sleep To Work Towards Your Goals. Every Little Bit Of Time Counts. Having Patience Is A Major Key To Getting Closer To Your Goals!

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