Rule #3~ Be A Leader With A Humble Voice

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader."
John Quincy Adams
Everyone wants to be a boss. We all have the desire to set goals and achieve them. But only a true leader will be able to differentiate being a boss and being a leader.
A boss knows the plan and manages others on how to get the job done, while a leader motivates and inspires others to get creative and get the job done with excellence. Every team has a Boss and If You Own Your Own Business Babe, Be A Boss Who Leads Not A Boss Who Guides!! Because it does Not matter if you were to write down the right directions for me. Along the way, I may veer off somehow or something happens, what will I do? I need You to Be there Leading me on What to do and How to go about it! 
"The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”
-John Maxwell
  See the one that complains will never get the job done. the one who expects things to go their way without putting in the work will never understand the assignment. The one who takes over the sails will take the job seriously and complete it gracefully. 
Now there is a clear difference in the three ways to go about your own attitude towards your creativity, your job, and how you handle daily things in life.  
Please Do Not Be A Person Who Complains about a Situation but Does Not Fix or Resolve the Problem on Their Own... Nobody is perfect but there is a time to be Petty and when to Take The High Road!! 
 You Must Remember Babe A Leader Teaches others, Listens, Takes Initiative, and Motivates others. When you Mater Your Goals, You Share Your Knowledge and Become A Great Leader.
Everything A Flavaful Babe does is Full of Grace and Flava!
Love, Respect, and Self-Empowerment are What We Stand For At House Of CoCo'$ Flave! We want ALL of our Babes To be Strong, Intelligent, Confident, Ambitious, And Graceful!! 
Trust Me Class and Grace Always Wins The Race!!
Pray, Work, Network, Read, Research, Pray, Believe, Manifest, Work, Gain Knowledge, Daily Affirmations, Network, Research, Take Courses, Research, Practice, Do What You Love, Be Creative, Network, Practice, Practice, Pray, Believe, Challenge Yourself, Practice, Pray, Practice, Master, Achieve, Receive, Research, Network, Pray, Practice, Network, Share, Network, Share, Network, LEAD, SHARE, LEAD, PRAY, RESEARCH, NETWORK, READ, SHARE!
 Please Don't Be So Dang Stubborn Sis!! I am Here for you but You Will Not Reach Full Potential With A No Direction Taking Attitude!! You Have to be able to communicate and Network With Others!! 
Yes, You Are Full of Flava But Honey You Have To be able to Work with Other Sassy Flavaful Babes.  
We Need to Uplift and Help and Collaborate With Eachother!!! The Level Up Hits Different When You All Eat!!!
Being A Leader is Way more than just "Bossing people around". You Have to guide others on how to do things, You have to Strategize and Master Your Skills. Remember Not Everyone Knows Everything. You Learn something new almost every day!
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